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We met Tim and Lou through a client of our doggie daycare.  This dog was poorly socialized, had issues with humans and dogs, was nervous, anxious and unbalanced. 
After two weeks, she was a different dog!  She was relaxed, calm, had a job to do, was better socialized and was more balanced.
Tim and Lou gave her a job to do and spent a lot of time working with her.
They are the only house sitters we will have looking after our cherished dog.

-Bee and Paul, Dog Daycare Owners

“Tim and Lou were there to help us work through some difficult dogs.  We followed their blueprint and noticed profound changes in the dogs almost immediately.
At another sit, we were required to take the resident dog to dog training once a week. We were thrilled to find them teaching us the exact same methods as Tim and Lou, and further demonstrated how important leadership is when handling dogs

-Doug and Johanne, International House Sitters

“Tim and Lou helped us to understand how powerful and neccessary dog leadership is.
They demonstrated this to us clearly while house sitting a dog we had  previously cared for.  The dog was anxious, nervous, and had no sense of personal space.  After 10 days with Tim and Lou, we experienced a completely different dog!  He was happy, relaxed, content to be part of the pack.  Thanks, Tim and Lou.”

-Gail and Randy, International House Sitters